President of the Board of Directors (PDB):

Koku Nyanyo Samuel TSEVI

Evangelist and founder of the Generation of Christ evangelism center. Born in 1978 in Kpalime (Togo), Samuel entered the Baptist International Bible College in Accra, Ghana, after high school in 2000. He completed his training in 2003 and is now married and father of 3 children. "Danyi is my Vision and my dream is to see Danyi one day as a development haven", he revealed. He loves forests and especially travel.





General Secretary of the Board of Directors:


Lawyer, Director of RDP Law Cabinet, graduate of the University of Lomé. His vision for Danyi is that of a Danyi reconciled with itself and in harmony with development. He loves tourism.


General Treasurer of the Board of Director:


He obtained his Superior Technician Diploma in Finance-Banking in 2002 after obtaining his G2 baccalaureate, and entered the workforce as an accountant in the public sector.  He was assigned to the Ministry of Agriculture and spent 4 years in the agricultural statistics department, 9 years in the minister's office and is currently head of SAF in the regional agriculture management office in the maritime region.His vision for Danyi is to work for a district united as one man in order to achieve inclusive development. He likes going out and traveling.





1st Adviser on the Board of Directors:

Koffi Nomessi AMELAMEDI

He would like to see Danyi be the first in harmony, development, and the cleanest of the districts. He loves sports and tourism. Mr. Amelamedi is married and the father of a daughter. After a few years teaching in Bamako, he returned to ENI in Togo from where he qualified as a Teacher. He is a local elected official and has a commercial BAC (G3).



2nd Adviser on the Board of Directors:

Komi Patrice WONYRA

Reporter, cameraman, native of Danyi KETEME, former Head of Section and Photographer at the company Mèche NINA (LOMÉ),
he received SOUND & VIDEO TRAINING (photography, computer graphics, video editing, framing). He is the Manager of the photo & video studio GLORY-FLASH PRODUCTION.
His goal is to work for the economic development of Danyi (agro-pastoral production). He would also like to work for social and cultural development (Bring back the true ancestral values of Danyi -loyalty, honesty, integrity, endurance, hospitality ...) by integrating information deemed necessary in order to awaken the individual and collective consciousness of Danyi. He enjoys sports and travel.