Where is Danyi?

Danyi is a district of 387 km sq located in the Southwest of Togo about 145km from Lome, the capital of Togo. It has ranges of mountains, valleys, a very welcoming population and a very rich culture and tradition. Danyi’s population is 38,742 (RGPH4 2010 estimates). For a predominantly agricultural population, the main crops are coffee, cocoa, vegetable plants, avocados, corn, cassava, cocoyam, rice, beans, etc. Livestock and the sale of agricultural products are other activities of the population of Danyi. Danyi district is made up of 6 cantons (Atigba, Kakpa, Yikpa, Ahlon, Elavanyo et Evita).

Danyi has many touristic attractions which every year bring to the area many tourists visiting Togo and Ghana. These attractions include waterfalls (such as Agumatsa, the tallest waterfall in Togo), mountains, forests, etc.

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