About Danyi Pour Danyi Amériques

We are Danyi Pour Danyi Amériques (DPDA), a social and non-profit association founded in in January 2020 in the United States which brings together Danyi natives in the Americas (United States, Canada, Mexico, and countries in South America and the Caribbean) to work for a prosperous society in the Americas, Africa and especially in Danyi.

We noticed that the harmonious development of Danyi is facing multiple challenges. The challenges include food insecurity, insufficient health care services, difficulty in access to education and training, dilapidated roads, environmental degradation, socio-cultural, economic, and political obstacles. We are convinced of the need to combine our efforts in order to defend the interests of each and everyone and to promote the influence of our cultural and human values. We are convinced that respect for the rule of law, the understanding and integration in our host societies remain an imperative for the development of our communities. We are also convinced that the development of Danyi can be effectively done by its own daughters and sons, and anyone living in the Americas who is part of our association.

Thus, we are actively working, in a new dynamic of solidarity, to help resolve the education, training, health, and environmental problems facing rural societies. It is for this purpose that our association Danyi Pour Danyi Ameriques was founded and it is to that end that we are working.

Our leadership team consists of the Executive Office, the Board of Auditors, the Elders, and the positions appointed by the Executive Office. We work with partner associations around the world. These associations include Danyi Pour Danyi (DPD) in Togo, Danyi Pour Danyi Diaspora Afrique, Danyi Pour Danyi Europe, other associations, and the daughters and sons of Danyi around the world who are also working for development.

DPDA Executive Leadership

DPDA President: Komi Akpemado

(Quebec, Canada)

Vice-President: Gladys F.BEBEFE 

Secretary: Iwajior Kofi Edoh

Deputy Secretary: Xolali Zotchi

Technology Lead: Agbessi Richard Gblokpor
Programmer, North Carolina (USA)

Treasurer: Kafui Marie-Claire Kpegba
Health Technician, New Jersey (USA)

Project Lead: Komla Tete (Quebec, Canada)

Adviser:  Gladys Yawa Amewuame (Georgia Atlanta)